Analysis of Competition and Competitive Positioning

  • Who are they, how do the company’s competitors operate and how are they perceived by the market?
  • What are the main factors that differentiate the products / services in the reference market?
  • How to achieve a strong and distinguishable competitive position?

Evaluation of Brand Extension Opportunities

  • How best to diversify production?
  • How to increase the success of the new product?
  • How to generate a positive response with respect to the brand?

Brand Awareness / Competitive set study

  • How well known is the brand by the target audience?
  • What are the values associated with the brand?
  • How does the brand position itself in terms of knowledge compared to competitors?

Evaluation of an Advertising Campaign

  • Is packaging consistent with strategic positioning?
  • Does the shelf product “impose itself” on competitors?
  • Does packaging manage to maintain the binomial “simplicity”-“distinctiveness”?